Kallang Wave Mall

CapitaLand’s Visionary Leadership: A New Dawn for Kallang Wave Mall

Singapore’s retail sector is poised for a transformative boost as CapitaLand, one of Asia’s most prominent real estate groups, takes the helm at Kallang Wave Mall. This strategic partnership with Kallang Alive Sport Management (KASM) for a six-year term heralds a new chapter for the mall, promising to elevate the shopping and lifestyle experience for residents and visitors alike.

The Transition of Stewardship

The transition from Stellar Alpha to CapitaLand is not merely a change in management but a significant shift in vision and strategy. Stellar Alpha has been instrumental since the Singapore Sports Hub’s opening in 2014, setting a solid foundation for retail operations within the complex. CapitaLand’s takeover from 1 April 2024 signals a commitment to leveraging its vast network and expertise to enhance the mall’s appeal further.

CapitaLand’s Retail Mastery

With a portfolio that spans over 70 malls across Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam, CapitaLand is renowned for creating high-quality retail environments that resonate with local and international consumers. Their entry into Kallang Wave Mall is expected to introduce a new era of retail innovation, with plans to implement CapitaStar, Singapore’s leading lifestyle and shopping rewards program, and eCapitaVoucher, which will redefine the rewards landscape for shoppers.

Strategic Enhancements and Community Benefits

The strategic enhancements planned by CapitaLand are designed to create a seamless and integrated shopping experience. The reconfiguration of retail spaces and the introduction of new brands and dining options aim to create a vibrant atmosphere that caters to the evolving needs of consumers. These changes are expected to attract a wider audience, serve the daily needs, and enhance the lifestyles of those residing in nearby developments.

A Catalyst for Property Appreciation

The ripple effect of CapitaLand’s management is anticipated to extend beyond the mall’s confines. For The Continuum, Grand Dunman, and Tembusu Grand residents, the revitalized mall will likely become a cornerstone of community life, potentially leading to an appreciation of property values. The promise of a premium shopping and entertainment destination within walking distance is an attractive prospect for current and prospective residents.

To The Continuum

To Grand Dunman

To Tembusu Grand

Sustainable and Innovative Retailing

CapitaLand’s approach to retail management is deeply rooted in sustainability and innovation. Their commitment to these principles is expected to manifest in the operational strategies at Kallang Wave Mall, aligning with the increasing consumer demand for responsible and sustainable retail options. This approach not only ensures a future-proof retail environment but also resonates with the values of the community, including the environmentally conscious residents of the nearby developments.

KASM and CapitaLand: A Shared Vision

The shared vision of KASM and CapitaLand is to transform the Singapore Sports Hub into a leading destination for sports, entertainment, and lifestyle in Asia. KASM’s strategy to curate a dynamic array of experiences, from international sports tournaments to local community events, is complemented by CapitaLand’s retail acumen. The synergy between these two entities will create a hub of activity that will bring the Kallang precinct to life.

Quek Swee Kuan and Chris Chong on the New Partnership

Quek Swee Kuan, CEO of KASM, has expressed excitement about the partnership, recognizing the importance of Kallang Wave Mall in the overall Sports Hub experience. The goal is to create an exciting lifestyle precinct that becomes a year-round attraction. Chris Chong, CEO of Retail & Workspace (Singapore & Malaysia) at CapitaLand Investment, has reiterated the company’s dedication to bringing its best-in-class retail operating platform to the table, enhancing the vibrancy of the retail spaces and contributing to the transformation of the Kallang precinct.

The Anticipated Impact on Local and Tourist Attraction

The strategic partnership is expected to serve the local population and position the Kallang Wave Mall as a must-visit destination for tourists. Introducing unique retail concepts and experiential spaces is anticipated to draw visitors from across the globe, contributing to Singapore’s reputation as a premier shopping and entertainment destination.


The appointment of CapitaLand as the new retail operator for Kallang Wave Mall is a testament to the innovative spirit that drives Singapore’s retail sector. It is a move that promises to bring about a renaissance in the local shopping experience, providing many benefits to the residents of The Continuum, Grand Dunman, and Tembusu Grand. As CapitaLand embarks on this journey, the community can look forward to a revitalized mall as a beacon of retail excellence and community engagement.